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Gundabad Orc Upgrade Kit now available

Today Forgeworld has the Gundabad Orcs up for pre-orders for the Hobbit. While I don't normally get too excited for Hobbit releases (except those Iron Hills Dwarves), this is a very cool release as you can see from the pics above. Check it out.

New from Forgeworld
Gundabad Orc Upgrade Set £15

via the Warhammer Community

The Gundabad Orcs are one of most popular armies in Middle-earth™, combining the savage ferocity of the rest of Orc-kind with ruthless military discipline. Thanks to Forge World, you’ll be able to arm your Legions of Azgorh with an array of deadly new weapons and wargear, using the new Gundabad Orc Upgrade Set.

This is one of the first “hybrid” releases for The Hobbit, bringing together Forge World and Games Workshop’s miniatures to allow for more diversity in your Gundabad Orc force. If you’ve been holding off on getting another unit, or you just want to build a particularly mean looking champion, then now is the time!

In the kit, you’ll find a range of heads, weapons and shields, alongside a banner. These can be combined with your Gundabad Orcs in a variety of ways, meaning no two units need to look alike – perfect if you’re looking to build a larger force or want your models to have a distinct feel.