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The Fey 2nd Age is Available. New Genesys Project Free Updates are Live!

The Fey now have their 2nd Age available to them.

They Fey are in Peril. The Mortal World bleeds through the thin veil of reality and the timeless Fey must focus inwards for strength or risk their immortality forever.

New Updates.......

  • New Format for the Life Domain Book, allowing an easier to read and plan format for multiple ages of gameplay.
  • 1st Age new traits are available to balance out the Fey give more flavor to the several Spheres of Influence. Death, Time, and others been slightly changed or altered
  • 2nd Age new Traits and Powers for every single Sphere of Influence! Over a 100 for the Fey to take control of in the 2nd Age
  • Otherworldly materials introduced, allowing your faction to take advantage of special metals or minerals. Adamantium, Mithril, Aetherstone, and Titanite.  
  • Devotions are for Archlords to specialize in to create their own unique conclaves. Archlords of Rage, Hatred, Loyalty, Trust, Horror, and many more can not be created. 
  • Converging Spheres of Influence allows for Paragons to literally forge their own Spheres of Influence from existing known traits. Concordant Spheres are those with the same alignment while Discordant Spheres combine opposing Paths of the Fey together as one. 

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You will be updating to 
The Fey Apocryphōrum v4.25
The Genesys Project Core Rules v4.25

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