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SuperHeavy Primaris Tank Identified as Primaris

Yesterday a new SuperHeavy tank was leaked from the pages of White Dwarf with an great caption in the words above...... "very large Space Marine tank with a new book......". While from the image its quite proper to assume that this is a Primaris Marine tank, we did not have any solid word from Games Workshop or the Warhammer Community (like they have the last 8 months when a leak breaks).

However, our friends over on La Voz De Horus are on it, and found a quote on Facebook from Gav Thorpe who chimed in on the issue.
"Saw this for real recently and my exact words were: That just sold me on the Primaris"

This comes from La Voz De Horus at this link

Could this book be Fires of Cyraxus? Novemember?

Another odd thing is that the Warhammer Community has not responded yet. At least in the recent months any leaks were very quickly followed by quickly put together videos or posts.