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Mantic's Kings of War Vanguard Rules available

Mantic today has released its alpha rules for a skirmish version of Kings of War that allows for models to gain experience through combat!

Here is today's Mantic Newsletter.

Try the Kings of War: Vanguard alpha rules...

Before the first charge, before weapons clash in brutal close combat, before the victor gathers the spoils of war, battles in Mantica can be won by the brave deeds of small, elite bands of warriors.

These are the fighters relied upon by their commanders to identify tactical positions, light beacons to show their comrades the fastest route, or harry and disrupt their enemy’s vital supplies. If the raiding parties do their job well, the war is won long before the battle lines have even been drawn.

Kings of War Vanguard is a two-player miniatures game that’s played on a 3ft by 3ft battlefield using a new range of high quality miniatures.
  • FANTASY SKIRMISH RULES – take command of a crack team of elite fighters, including captains, support units, weapons experts, along with grunts and warriors to overwhelm the opposition
  • IN-DEPTH CAMPAIGN SYSTEM – track the progress of your key members to earn experience and gain new abilities or improved stats
  • FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH KINGS OF WARS – use the incredibly detailed, dynamic miniatures from Vanguard as the heroes or elite troops in your Kings of War army
  • 3D SCENERY – use Mantic’s new range of pre-assembled, plastic TerrainCrate scenery to bring your skirmishes to life, and with lots of different scenarios to play, every battle will look – and play - differently
  • INNOVATIVE RULES – issue special commands in the heat of battle with the unique Power Dice abilities, and gather your troops with the Group Actions
  • EQUIP YOUR FIGHTERS – ahead of the fight, choose from a range of equipment to improve the abilities of your characters, or unlock new and more powerful abilities during campaign play


This weekend, Firestorm Games in Cardiff will be hosting the biggest Kings of War tournament EVER! More than 100 players from all over the world will be heading to the UK to see who can snatch the Clash of Kings crown from last year's champion Thomas Robinson. Who will claim the spoils? Tune in to our Facebook page all weekend, as we'll be live streaming the event.