Firestorm allows allows for some freedom in converting your armies, and with a large force of Stormcast Eternals and a big bit box, a lot can happen. Here is the latest from the Warhammer Community

Converting your own Free City

Today, we’re providing some inspiration on creating your own Free Cities army to go with the background created by the Free Cities generator, looking at a couple of our favourite armies from around the office.

Duncan’s Solakian Guard

Duncan’s army hails from Solakos, a city in the Realm of Beasts, and is full of conversions both subtle and grand that gives his force a distinct and consistent feel. From giving several of his Stormcast Eternals round shields from the Knight-Excelsior Upgrades, to arming the entire force with bladed weapons, it’s immediately clear that every unit in the army, from the Liberators to the Freeguild Spearmen hail from the same place.

Chris’ Armies of Hallowguild
Chris’ Hallowguild army is a great demonstration of how clever use of spare bits and inter-kit compatibility can elevate a collection.

Looking at Chris’s Handgunners and Greatswords, it’s clear just how much some simple changes can alter the feel of a kit. Both units are based on Greatswords, a particularly strong model to convert Free Cities units from due to the variety of soft and armoured textures on the base models tying them to a range of potential limbs. The Handgunners have been equipped with the Drakeguns – if you pick up some Ironbreakers, you’re bound to have a few of these spare. The Greatswords, on the other hand, use components from some Aelven kits to lend them a more sinister, predatory feel – all while using spares you’d have handy while building other sets from the range.

Both these armies are impressive examples of what’s possible when building your own Warhammer Age of Sigmar collection – and of the benefits of keeping a well-stocked bits box!

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