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Primaris Rumors including New Flyers

New Primaris Rumors to check out. Although more Primaris releases are more than likely from Forgeworld, Ive been told through sources here on Faeit 212 to consider these out in left field.

Please remember to add lots of salt here.

via Bell of Lost Souls

“More Primaris vehicles & infantry upgrade kits are in process from Forge World.
  • A small flyer is coming, roughly equivalent to the Xiphon or Lightning.
  • Look for variants for the Repulsor tank (most likely new turrets options).
  • Redemptor will be getting new weapon kits. (everyone love new Dreadnought weapons)
  • Defensive upgrade kits for Gravis armor.”

Post via VigiliaMortis (Ive combined the two here)

Just when I got myself all calmed down over the new SUPER HEAVY these rumours spring up! Now, please remember, take all this with SALT! I'm getting all giddy again, could I finally be getting my Primaris flyer?!