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What Will Shadespire Competition Look Like? We have some inside intel.

We have some early intel.. (very accurate) about what is going on with Organized Play starting in January 2018 for Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire.

I personally found this a little disappointing when I got this, as it seems that stores will be charged a 3 month subscription if they want to be a part of the Organized Play. I know that in the US, many if not most stores are independents game stores, and don't need additional this kind of additional overheads. Not to mention this will rule out many stores. Stores in bigger places might do well with this, others will not, or not even bother. Some may even pass this cost off to their players participating.

I will be very interested to see how this goes.

via an extremely solid source on Faeit 212
Warhammer Underworlds Tournament Organized Play launches starting in January 2018
It will be ran with a subscription and will include regular Organized Play Packs. Subscriptions run for 3 months costing £60 or € 80 for that 3 months. Each subscription period includes 3 Monthly packs and 1 quarterly tournament pack.

Monthly packs include 1 50 alternative art card deck with 2 variant cards per deck to use as prizes. 

Quarterly Tournament Packs include the following
Top 32- Set of Steelhearts and Reavers alternative art cards
top 16- Special Warband Activation Tokens
Top 8- Special Wound Tokens
Top 4- Deck Boxes
Tournament Winner- Trophy