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Total Tabletop Customization: The Fey in the Genesys Project

With the latest updates to the Fey Domain I thought it prudent to introduce readers that have not yet delved into, or only partially taken a look at the Genesys Project. The Fey are by far the most complex of the Life Domains to create your own faction.

So we are going to start off a series showing not only how easy it is to create your own faction for the game, but just how deep you can go.

Just a couple of definitions you need to know before we get going.

Domains: There are 5 Life Domains in the Genesys Project. Each one is it's own book and will be playable through any of the 3 Ages of the game.

  • Humanoids: Human like species/factions, including dwarves, giants, feral, abominations, goblinoid, Fey-ri, and many more.
  • Fey: The Immortal Demons, Angels, and Elemental types, plus many more that exist outside of reality
  • Reptilia: The ancient reptilia include Troglodyte, Draconic, Saurien, Tuatara, Ophidian, and many more.

The following have not been released to the Open Beta yet.

  • Biests: Offshoots of Humanoids and Beasts, including Monsterous creatures, Lycanthropes, and many others divided into Kingdoms
  • Insekt: Divided into Order classifications, Insekts are also influenced heavily by Cordyceps (Highly Intelligent Fungi)

Creating our Fey Faction:
So we have decided that we are going to create a Fey faction. Since each domain creates their factions in a different manner, its important make certain you have read the rules for your chosen Life Domain.

In the Fey Apocryphōrum we get the following Instructions

1. So lets jump in and go with Path of Darkness. Why? because it sounds like fun today.
2. Next we grab our starting Characteristics for the Fey, and start selecting Traits and Powers that will be our army wide abilities.
So here are our starting Characteristics

Followed by the number of traits and powers we can select due to us choosing the Path of Darkness.
Now to choose our traits.. (this can be the hard part because its a ton of fun)

  • Increases and Decreases are raise or lower your stats. These are permanent.
  • Enhancements or Reductions raise or lower your stats. These are in game bonuses only (like wearing armor)

So we decide to take 3 minor traits in total from the following spheres of influence


Then we are going to take 2 Greater Traits from the Path of Darkness


That is it for what we are going to take in our example tonight. Note that this sometimes changes as you start digging into options, but for now we are creating a faction (and keeping our base points down a little).

You should note that each trait comes with a point cost. This is a per model point cost. Lesser Classes only can take Lesser Traits and Powers.
So Lesser Classes for our faction will start with a 17 point cost per model. (Infernal Weapon is only included if we decide to equip our models with imbued weapons, which would add 5pts per weapon)

Greater Classes include lesser and greater traits, so would have a 35 point cost.

What does this give us? A demonic faction that fights continuously in our eternal war and has War Veterans (powerful ability that allows us strong coordinated attacks). Our demons are also terrifying on the battlefield, and once we start creating our unit classes, we will focus a few classes on keeping the enemy off balanced.

We also will gain access to Demon Spawn at 8pts per model... Lots of very cheap models to fill in our ranks.

Tomorrow we will talk more about this faction, and look at building Unit Classes.

Want to know more about this faction or the Genesys Project
We are in an open beta where you can register to get your own product key and download the rules for free!