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Eldar Codex Information: Point Costs Laid Out.

The Eldar Codex is coming out this weekend, and many Eldar players are looking to get as much intel as possible as they plan how to use the new codex. Lets check out the latest details that come from Mavaster over on Reddit.

This was apparently up a couple days ago, but I was just sent the link through a reader. Thank you.

via Mavaster on Reddit

I've been seeing a few posts and comments asking and wondering about point costs in the new codex. Well wonder no more! I have compiled a list of everything! I made a comment in a thread with them but thought I would make an actual post for more visibility. If you think something may be wrong, let me know and I'll look into it again. I had to decipher a sometimes blurry video so anything is possible.
I've left a few notes on a few things I thought were good to know.
Note: If something is indeed gone as an option/loadout, you should still be able to use that loadout per were likely removed due to current sculpts not having that option out of the box.
Q: There are a few options that are missing in the codex that appear in the index: why is that? Does that mean I can’t use these models in my army anymore?
A: While the indexes are designed to cover a long history of miniatures, the codexes are designed to give you rules for the current Warhammer 40,000 range. There are a few options in the indexes for some Characters and vehicles that are no longer represented in the Citadel range – certain Dreadnought weapons that don’t come in the box, or some characters on bikes, for example. Don’t worry though, you can still use all of these in your games if you have these older models. In these instances, use the datasheet from the index, and the most recent points published for that model and its weapons.
EDIT: Now in a nicer format!
EDIT: Added note about missing weapons/loadouts

Autarch65If your warlord is a variant of Autarch, in addition to re-rolling hit rolls of 1, roll a die for each command point you spend on stratagems, on a 6, refund that point.
Autarch Skyrunner95By default, Autarchs lose the weapon choices they had, and they come pretty bare bones but due to my Q/A note above, you should be able to kit them out as you did.
Autarch with Wings85
Crimson Hunter120
Crimson Hunter Exarch135
Dark Reapers5
Dire Avengers8
Farseer100Roll a D6 when this model suffers a mortal wound, adding 3 to the result if the mortal wound is the result of the psyker suffering a perils of the warp, on a 5+ it is ignored
Farseer Skyrunner130Same as above
Fire Dragons7
Fire Prism155
Guardian Defenders8
Guardian Platform5
Hemlock Wraithfighter200Can only cast the second part of Battle powers now, Mindshock Pods is -2 Ld now
Howling Banshees9Can Advance and charge at target at 15" instead of 12", can't be Overwatched, loses fighting first unless with Jain Zar
Night Spinner135
Shining Spears18
Storm Guardians7
Striking Scorpions13
Support Weapon30
Swooping Hawks6Can drop gernades if they deepstrike within 12" of an enemy unit and when they move over
War Walkers50Scout move is replaced. Instead of getting a free 12" move before the game, they can come in from any edge, at the end of your movement phase, as long as they appear within 3" of the edge and more than 9" from an enemy
Warlock Conclave30 per
Warlock Skyrunner65
Warlock Skyrunner Conclave60 per
Warp Spiders10Can deepstrike more than 9" away
Wave Serpent107
Wraithblades29Now T6 instead fo T5
Wraithguard23Now T6 instead of T5
Wraithlord103Now T8 instead of T7

Special HQs:
Barroth110Can drop grenades if he deepstrikes within 12" of an enemy and when moving over an enemy
Eldrad150Roll a D6 when this model suffers a mortal wound, adding 3 to the result if the mortal wound is the result of Eldrad suffering a perils of the warp, on a 5+ it is ignored
Illic Nightspear80Voidbringer is a flat 3 damage now
Jain Zar140Can Advance and charge at target at 15" instead of 12"
Maugen Ra140
Prince Yriel100

Aeldari Missle Launcher25
Avenger Catapult4
Bright Lance20
D-cannon45Now S12 instead of S10, doesn't need line of sight
D-Scythe22You roll 1 die per model now for number of shots, not 1 die for the whole squad, still auto-hits
Death Spinner8
Doom Weaver0
Dragons Breath Flamer17
Fusion Gun17
Fusion Pistol9
Hawk's Talon10
Heavy D-Scythe0Now S12 instead of S10
Heavy Wraith Cannon50Now S16 instead of S10
Lasblaster7Now Assault 4 instead of rapid fire 2, still 24"
Laser Lance8
Melta Bomb0
Plasma Grenade0
Prism Cannon0Can shoot twice at same target with same profile if moved under half movement
Pulse Laser0
Ranger Long Rifle0
Reaper Launcher22
Scatter Laser10
Scorpions Claw12No longer suffer -1 to hit in melee
Shadow Weaver25
Shuriken Cannon10
Shuriken Catapult0
Shuriken Pistol0
Singing Spear5
Star Lance10
Star Cannon15
Sun Cannon118Damage is a flat 2 now instead of D3
Tempest Launcher27
Twin Aeldari Missle Launcher50
Twin Bright Lance40
Twin Scatter Laser17
Twin Shuriken Cannons17
Twin Shuriken Catapults5
Twin Starcannons28
Vibro Cannon30Added effect that if it inflicts damage against a unit, that unit cannot advance in its next movement unless it has FLY

Melee Weapons:
Aeldari Blade0
Biting Blade8
Executioner7+1S instead of +2S but you no longer suffer the -1 to hit penalty
Ghost Axe10
Paragon Sabre8
Power Glaive4
Power Sword4
Scorpion Chainsword1
Star Glaive6NEW! Autarch weapon - Sx2, AP-3, D3 Damage, suffer -1 to hit in melee with it
Titanic Feet0
Titanic Ghostglaive30
Titanic Wraithbone Fists0
Witch Staff0
Wraithbone fists0
Wraithguard Fists0

Other Equipment:
Banshee Mask0
Crystal Targetting Matrix5
Spirit Stones10
Star Engines10
Vectored Engines10