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New White Dwarf Necromunda/ Tyranids Preview

A preview of the November White Dwarf is up and it includes Necromunda and Tyranids coming. Also exciting is that White Dwarf is now ready for your mobile devices.

via Warhammer Community

Are you ready for a new generation of gang warfare in the 41st Millennium? If you’re excited about Necromunda, you’ll want to get your hands on November’s White Dwarf, packed with all sorts of in-depth previews of this returning classic, alongside all the great hobby content you know and love.
Starting with interviews with the game designers and ending with a close look at painting and assembling the models from the set, this is your guide to every element of Necromunda. From a look at the game’s origins  (which have their root in the new Sector Mechanicus kits), to the new background (which includes a look at many of the other hive cities on Necromunda), to a detailed battle report, there’s everything you could need to know about the game of skirmish battles in the underhive.

There’s more – if you prefer your battles on a larger scale, November’s White Dwarf looks at the latest iteration of the Tyranids, catching up with the Design Studio’s Jes Bickham for a detailed preview of the new codex. From the return of the Screamer-Killer Carnifex to new mechanics and more, if you’re a loyal servant of the Hive Mind, then this should give you plenty to get your teeth (or feeder tendrils!) into.

In the Mortal Realms, the White Dwarf team start their quest to conquer the Flamescar Plateau in a Firestorm campaign, pitting the Skaven, Seraphon, Kharadron Overlords and Disciples of Tzeentch against one another in the first steps of a map-based campaign.

This White Dwarf is also very special, as it’ll be the first ever available to read on your mobile! Our Tech-Priests have been hard at work, and now, White Dwarf Digital will work across all of your compatible devices, making reading your monthly hobby update on-the-go is easier than ever. Beginning with the November 2017 issue of White Dwarf, the magazine will be available in print, on your phone, and on tablets and iPads. Single issues are available in all formats, while you can also subscribe to your choice of the print edition, the digital edition, or both with a combined print and digital subscription at a great price.