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Shadespire Preview: IronJawz

Shadespire goes up for pre-orders tomorrow morning and the Warhammer Community is giving us our last preview of the factions available before its release.

via Warhammer Commuity

The Warbands of Shadespire: Ironskull’s Boyz
Ironskull’s Boyz are the undisputed best all-rounders in Shadespire, capable of claiming objectives and battling enemies with equal ease while possessing defensive abilities that rival that of the Stormcast Eternals and arguably the best Leader in the game.

The Fighters
With 5 Wounds, Gurzag Ironskull is one of the most durable fighters in all of Shadespire, while his Boss Choppas can make mincemeat of lesser fighters. Even attacking him – or the rest of the warband – is a serious risk, as the Ironjawz Inspire when taking damage.

With four wounds, Bonekutta is only a little less durable than Gurzag, with a dangerous attack that’ll make mincemeat of even your enemy’s tougher fighters, with a hefty 3 Damage when he’s Inspired.

Basha is a pretty durable fighter, but suffers from somewhat unimpressive offensive stats before he Inspires. Afterwards, he’s a very versatile fighter, capable of knocking enemy fighters back, helping you claim terrain and disrupt your opponent’s positioning.

Hakka is very similar to Basha, expect with the power to Cleave through enemy armour on critical hits, making him effective at downing wounded fighters or Inspired Stormcast Eternals.

Play Style
Ironskull’s Boyz are an incredibly aggressive warband, with a variety of ploys and upgrades that increase the raw power of each fighter. While some fighters in the Ironjawz suffer from lower than average offensive stats, this can easily be overcome by adding some key upgrades or simply getting them Inspired.

In Shadespire, a fighter can Attack as much as he likes unless he Charges, meaning closing in on multiple targets with the same fighter in the same turn is usually impossible. However, a single Ironjawz fighter can run rampant among the enemy with the right combination of cards – Kunnin’ But Brutal lets you move and attack, then Brutal But Kunnin’ lets you attack and move – combining the two is a great way of getting the most out of Gurzag. Meanwhile, Leadin’ By Example and Last Lunge allow you to squeeze even more attacks out of each turn.

It’s worth noting that, while the ploys and upgrades available to the Ironjawz may push the warband towards the offensive, they’re also a worthwhile defensive warband. With four fighters, you’ll be able to allocate a couple to holding objectives, with your high Wounds and decent defensive stats meaning your warband will be hard to displace. Indeed, playing in this way means the enemy is forced to come to you, rather than hiding in their own territory! Upgrades like Last Lunge and Unkillable mean that engaging your warband becomes a very risky prospect.

Meanwhile, objectives like ‘Ard as Iron, Dere’s More of Us and Too Dumb to Die allow for more static play:

Ironjawz are a flexible warband that reward players looking to focus their games around combat, with enough durability to make up for reckless and risky plays. You won’t have to wait long to start playing Shadespire – the Core Set is available for pre-order tomorrow, and the Ironjawz won’t be far behind!