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Fantares Uncovered. What we know about it + Gameplay video

Warlord Games has a new game in the works in early beta now that is based off of the Beyond the Gates of Antares. Its currently dubbed Fantares as its very early in development.

via sources on Faeit 212
Factions in the Beta Rules and Model Types
Barbarian, dwarven, elven, beastmen, gnoll war party, goblin, orc and goblin, “knightly warband”, “Olympian warband”, orc warband and undead host.

Heroes, mage, infantry, cavalry, chariots along with some war machines and the occasional creature here and there.

More Sources on Faeit 212
That Bolt Action Rumour about fantasy is actually "Fantares" It's a version
of Beyond the Gates of Antares that Rick Priestley is working on, early
beta testing so far. The intent is that you can use existing fantasy
collections to play a game similar to Antares.

It's not bolt action and warlord aren't all that interested in releasing
fantasy miniatures so they might not publish it.

Comments here on Faeit 212
Kelvin Green
It's a fantasy version of Beyond the Gates of Antares rather than Bolt Action (unless they are doing both); it was being playtested at an event over the weekend, I believe. The working title is "Fantares".

Lord Askanidog
Was first mentioned around December last year, and it uses Beyond the Gates of Antares as a base not BA. So d10s are the main dice used. Mothers is a video floating around YouTube of a game with Rick Priestley. "Fantares" is what it has been dubbed at this stage

video by Too Many Metal Men
A game of Fantares, the fantasy adaptation of The Gates of Antares by Rick Priestley.
A skirmish level game played with about 30 models per side, this gives games roughly the same

Also from Beasts of War