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Revealed! The 4 Houses of Necromunda Slated for 2018

Essen Spiel is going on right now, and a lot of Europe is there (or would like to be). Its has been revealed at the event that 4 Houses/ Factions will join Goliath and Escher in 2018.

Just a reminder... Goliath and Escher will come with the game, and hopefully additional models in November. So this is a future release for Underhive, which does not preclude a Necromunda Expansion which has been mentioned (and bringing in the Arbites).

Quote via La Voz de Horus

"The houses Delaque , Cawdor , Orlock and Van Saar will join the Goliath and Escher that already come in the box of Necromunda: Underhive."

Some information on each House.

Just for fun, here is some more info for Goliath and Escher