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Primaris Astraeus Super-Heavy Tanks: Official Video and Information

The Warhammer Community has just posted up a new video reveal along with a post revealign thenew Primaris Astraeus Super-Heavy Tanks.

via Warhammer Community

What happens when you cross a Sicaran, a Repulsor and a Fellblade? Meet the Astraeus Super-heavy tank.

Just as the Primaris Space Marines themselves blend the best elements of several millennia of Space Marines, the Astraeus Super-heavy Tank represents the pinnacle of Imperial engineering, a devastating war machine that makes the perfect accompaniment to your Space Marine army.

An enormous hull mounts a devastating range of defensive and offensive systems. The main weapons of the Astraeus Super-heavy tank are a pair of macro-accelerator cannons, coupled with sponson-mounted las-rippers or plasma eradicators. The macro-accelerator cannons are particularly powerful, firing 12 shots with -2 AP and 3 Damage apiece!

Meanwhile, layered void shields protect this vehicle against even the most dedicated attacks, including Mortal Wounds, while the enhanced repulsor field is a powerful deterrent to enemy assault units – firstly, reducing their charge ranges, and secondly, literally crushing them with waves of gravitic force when they get close!

Unlike its little brother, the Astraeus Super-heavy Tank doesn’t have any transport capacity – instead, this colossal machine is dedicated to destruction alone. While there are few targets that can stand up to one of the Astraeus Super-heavy Tank’s furious fusillades, it particularly excels at shooting down Flyers. With the Steel Behemoth rule and Power of the Machine Spirit, this war machine can fire on the move, or even when locked in close combat, making it a surprisingly flexible and mobile unit for its size. 

It’s not just a triumph of engineering in the lore of the 41st Millennium, either – this is one of the most advanced Forge World kits we’ve ever released. Every single gun (right down to the tiny storm bolter mounted on the vehicle’s rear!) can be moved and repositioned, while there are even options for which sponson weapons you can attach to the vehicle. Additionally, the Astraeus kit features a custom transparent flying stand designed to support the weight of this model while keeping it absolutely secure. 

From a collector’s standpoint, if you’re looking for an army of exclusively Primaris Space Marines, the Astraeus makes for a fantastic centrepiece model, equivalent to other iconic Space Marine vehicles like the Thunderhawk. 

You won’t have to wait long to pick up this massive war machine for yourself, with the Astraeus Super-heavy Tank – alongside free downloadable rules – available to buy soon. In the meantime, if you’re looking for even more Forge World models to add to your Space Marine army, why not pick up Imperial Armour – Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes?