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What's On Your Table: The Magna Gargantuan Battle Servitor

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The Magna Gargantuan Battle Servitor was first tested in open warfare on the soil of Volrax Adpulsus,  997.M41, when the mineral rich mining world was besieged suddenly by Orks of the Deathskulls clan.

The prolonged war that ensued between the Deathskulls and Volraxian Trinity, as well as reluctance by the Magi of Volrax Prime to commit superior war machines on what was considered a minor threat, led to many Imperial armoured assets being looted and defiled by the greenskin Meks. Requiring heavier weapons than the standard battle servitors could employ, and now unwilling to send any armoured assets to the war, it was Magos Dolaxis Kress that unveiled his private project and added a new variable to the current war.

While the schematica and instruction Kress had discovered almost a mellenia ago was not perfect, he had pursued it with great interest, but not with great success. Many of his original vat-born abhuman giants having withered appendages from the taxing growth they had endured, the first of the Magna Gargantuan Battle Servitors that marched to war required extensive mechanical restoration in addition to their Servitor enhancements.

These new mechanicum assets proved invaluable to the war effort. Denying the Orkish invaders much of the salvage required to sustain themselves, and bearing devastating firepower that substituted battletanks and their ilk effectively. The close combat capability of the Battle Servitor also proved useful against the devastating greenskin assaults of that time. 

Production has since continued sparingly, with some Adepts opting to use them as guardians of their great forges, and others as essentric bodyguards.