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This is my Imperial Knight Freeblade, the Amaranthine.  The Amaranth flower has a certain significance with me so when the Amaranthine Freeblade was shown in the Imperial Knights coffee table book, I had to paint it.  But the Freeblade transfer seals that had the Amaranthine heraldry on it were limited edition and I missed the opportunity to buy them.  Thus, I decided to chin-up and freehand the designs.

An artist I am not, so the designs were about as good as they were going to get with my mediocre drawing skills.

I decided to mount the melta weapon since I play Blood Angels and it was more aligned with their style of attack as I have the Amaranthine supporting the Scions of Baal. 

The armor was pretty simple:
1.       Screamer Pink base
2.       Nuln Oil wash
3.       Ushabti Bone edging
4.       Bloodletter Red glaze

I was really happy with how the metallic trim came out.  It was purely accidental but is super easy to reproduce:

1.       Balthazar Gold base
2.       Agrax Earthshade wash
3.       Army Painter Greedy Gold layer
4.       50/50 Agrax Earthshade/Lahmian Medium glaze (let the glaze pool in the recesses)
5.       Sycorax Bronze edging

I purchased a set of LED lights from Poweredplay.net.  It took a little bit of pre-planning, but all I did was drill the holes in the eye slots and had them converge in the middle of the head in a “Y” shape. This allowed me to only need one LED light inside the head.  The second light (there are 2 lights per strand) is in the torso.  I used an Astra Militarum Sentinel cockpit and fitted it inside the hull of the Knight. The goal was to have a glowing light emanating from the Throne Mechanicus when the top hatch was opened.

Unfortunately when your 3-year old nephew thinks your Warhammer models are the coolest toys to play with, parts tend to go missing.  I am still in the middle of rebuilding the torso cockpit; however, it did win a Knight painting competition at the Portola Parkway Games Workshop store. 

Since then, I’ve built up quite a Knight army:

1.       Cerastus Lancer
2.       Cerastus Acheron
3.       Knight Errant
4.       Knight Paladin
5.       Cerastus Atropos
6.       Knight Warden

The rest of the Knights have been painted in the livery of House Taranis, and is supported by my Warlord Titan, the Extirpation of Anamnesis, wearing Legio Atarus colors.


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