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thought I'd send you a few pics of my Dusk Knights tactical squad(s) that I'm working on. Each model if getting a custom base, which is a new thing for me, and plenty of accessories from the new sprues (plus a few old ones mixed in)

The whole force will be led by Pedro Kantor (under a different name of course) as the fluff fits best with his rules - the Dusk Knights hate Orks above all other things in the galaxy and beyond, and have a strong preference for the use of power fists not only as a weapon but also to distinguish rank. Plus I love the model!

The first of two sergeants I've built so far - this guy uses the power fist from the tactical squad box along with a pistol in holster, pouches and scope, plus he also has a kitbashed helmet, though I honestly can't remember where it came from originally.

The second of my sergeants, he uses a kitbashed powerfist and a forgeworld bolter, and i've adapted an old battlefield accessory piece to represent steel decking on his base.

I really like this sword on the new tactical squad kit, and couldn't leave it out, even though I'm not using power swords on the models. Fluff-wise I'll be justifying it as a very long knife rather than a sword, so it may get the power field generator removed. The heavy bolter in his right hand is from the old sternguard upgrade set I think, and hes stamping down on a manhole to prevent the plague zombies from exiting the sewer under the city.

This guy uses some chimera parts I had lying around to represent him standing on some tank wreckage. There's also some jerry cans, which link nicely through to his flamer. I love the bare head respirator for the flamer bearer, and I think he'll be getting a greasy grimy paint job on the exposed skin to represent the fumes sticking to his skin.

Finally my piece de resistance, this guy is vaulting a lowish wall whilst letting rip with his bolter at the enemy. He's been pinned through the hand/wrist and knee to give him some stability on the base, and I can't wait to get him painted.

All the models will get shoulder pads, I just don't like painting round them so they get done separately.

These are just the first few models of my Dusk Knight army, and you can see regular updates on my progress over at my blog http://theburningeye.blogspot.co.uk

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