What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to natfka@live.com

I’m always trying new things with the painting side of the hobby, so for these I decided to try three things I’ve been itching to get done. 1) a chrome spray as the base color / primer, 2) no paint on the bases, just a quick wash over glued debris, 3) paint a chaos army that is ‘clean'

Learned a lot on this project. The chrome paint photos WAY worse than it looks in real life. It looks much better when you can rotate the model and see the light changing. 

While these models still need some layers and clean up, I wanted to get the community’s feedback before I start the rest of the models, especially on whether to paint the base trims. I rarely have time to hobby, much less post, but occasionally I’ll put up more on my blog if people are interested: bpbpainting.blogspot.com

Thanks for all you do!

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