Tournament News from Lafayette Louisiana:

We are doing a terrain competition in addition to the standard tournament
to help generate more high quality terrain for our FLGS, and books too.

Terra Nova ITC and Terrain Competition
April 23rd 2016

and books too
3315 Johnston St, Lafayette, Louisiana 70503

ITC competition
Entry fee $10.00
2000 Points
Store will supply prize support for tournament ~ $150.00
3 Rounds
2 hour 30 minute rounds
First Round 9:30 AM
Second Round 1:00 PM
Third Round 3:30 PM

Terrain competition
No entry fee
All terrain submitted becomes property of And Books Too
1st $100.00
2nd $50.00
3rd $25.00

The ITC prize will be store credit
It will depend on how many players ref
All fees collected will be paid back out for the ITC + whatever the 
store kicks in. Approximately $150 or more cut up into prizes

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