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Space Marine Codex Supplement... and a Lot More 40k This Week

The leaked images are out, and there are a lot all in one big swoop. Which means I have not read all of it yet. A new Space Marine Codex Supplement that holds a lot of rules for the various Space Marine chapters, White Scars, Raven Guard, Iron Hands, Salamanders, Imperial Fists, and their successor chapters. In only 128pages its going to be an interesting book, updating rules from various locations into a single book.

You can see all the leaked images at this link from Scanner on the Spikey Bits forums

Here is what is listed for pre-orders in the leaks
Angels of Death Codex Supplement
Black Legion Codex Supplement
Crimson Slaughter Codex Supplement
Cultist Assault box 21 miniatures
Terminator Lord's Cadre 7 miniatures
Space Marine Company Command 6 miniatures
Space Marine Terminator Command 6 miniatures
Space Marine Heroes 3 miniatures