Deathwatch has standard 40k rules through the latest Deathwatch Overkill board game release. However, hints today can be found that might suggest a full Deathwatch release or supplement is on the horizon.

I do fully expect to see a book release for Deathwatch. With the easy access that we have to some of the models through the board game.. why not.

via a reader on Faeit 212
After checking out the new preorders for details on the new Angels of Death supplement I noticed in the previews for the new Psychic Power cards that the "Deathwatch" faction had been added to the list of armies able to use the new disciplines (see picture below).

Now this may be nothing but as currently there is only one Deathwatch psyker who only has access to the Biomancy discipline yet this reference has every Space Marine discipline (old and new) listed for them made me wonder. Is this a hint at a full Deathwatch faction release in the near future?

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