Just in case you have not seen it, Forgeworld has a last chance section of its site with models listed as going away. I personally like this rather than just having things disappear and use left wondering what is going on. Of course GW has done this on the webstore already.

So whats the latest for last chance on Forgeworld, or even GW? Here is the latest.

Ork Kill Krusha Tank £135  -Sold Out

A lot of Dreadnoughts as well, but more importantly here are some things on the last chance list from Forgeworld that are not sold out and already gone.

Ork Vehicle Weapon Set £17
Chaos Vehicle Crew £12
Emperor's Children Dreadnought Sonic Blaster (Right Arm) £9.50
Chaos Dreadnought Missile Launcher £9.50
Chaos Dreadnought Multi-Melta (Right Arm) £9.50
Chaos Dreadnought Chainfist (Right Arm) £9.50
'Black Templars Icons £8

for the Age of Sigmar
Ogre Rhinox Thunderlord £46
Ogre Rhinox Cavalry 2 £35
Wight King Battle Standard Bearer £16
Arcane Frogs £9.50

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