There is a new tank today for the British Forces in Bolt Action. Bolt Action is one of the games I am interested in checking out, as a few years back a large portion of the 40k players locally moved to it. So check out the latest release from Warlord Games... The Sherman V


via Warlord Games
Supplied under the Lend-Lease programme to Great Britain the M4A4 was renamed the Sherman V by its new owners. The Sherman V would be the mainstay of the British and Polish armoured units during the later years of the Second World War (and was also used by the Free French).

This was perhaps the most populous British tank. The only downside was a high silhouette, but the Sherman made up for this with its reliability, ruggedness and numbers. Armed with a 75mm gun and two .30 cal Machine Guns, the Sherman V could handle itself just fine.

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