I had thought this was an April fools joke since there was a lot that was posted up on April 1st. The site seemed to go live the night before that on March 31st. However, this morning Forgeworld had up on it's Bulletin the following....

That's right sports fans, Blood Bowl is coming back! You can keep up to date with what this season brings on the Blood Bowl Facebook page.

So the model is already being shown off for the game, here is what is said on the official Facebook page

Check it out sports fans, 
The first painted model for the new Blood Bowl.
“Well this is great to see, Jim: our first look at the new season kit for The Gouged Eye Orcs.”
“That’s right Bob, this boy is looking pretty ferocious, and that red is going to really compliment the spilled blood of their opponents, I can't wait to see the full team.”
“Great point Jim, and I wonder who will be next to show off their new kit? And I wonder if it's true what they say...?"
"What's that, Bob?"
"...that red ones go faster!"

- Jim & Bob

Here is your link to see the new site, and everything else on it.

Faeit 212 Community News

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