It seems that next week we will be seeing a Blood Angels Death Company and Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard re-release in a new black box format. Very good news, since these two items were no longer available on the GW webstore.

Please remember that this is early information and as such must be considered rumors, but looks very solid.

via Rob Baer over on Spikey Bits
Fear not Blood Angels players, the fate of the Sanguinary Guard and Death Company Boxes has been uncovered!
Games Workshop will be repacking (in the new black box format) and re-releasing them next week, but best perhaps the best news of all is the price will be the same!

Via an Anonymous source to the Spikey Bits Inbox (
41-07 BLOOD ANGELS DEATH COMPANY Plastic Box 6-Dec-14  $33
41-08 BLOOD ANGELS SANGUINARY GUARD Plastic Box 6-Dec-14 $33

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