Many of you know that for skirmish games, Dark Age is my game of choice. This link was sent in to me, that Cool Mini or Not is having a painting competition, which gives you a great chance to paint up an abomination of your choice, or even an Archangel.

check out the rules and join the fun.

via Cool Minis Or Not
Grab your brushes, Dark Age fans! To usher in 2015, we’re hosting a Dark Age online painting competition. Since the last Dark Age contest, the range has added formidable factions and spectacular sculpts. We’d like to see your creativity at work on minis both old and new.

This competition begins December 8, 2014. Submissions will be accepted through January 25, 2015.

To enter:

You must be a registered CMoN user. Registration is free and there is no entry fee. You can set up an account here.
Upload one photo per entry to your user gallery. Photos may be composites or collages to show multiple views of the mini.
When entering information about the mini, select ‘Dark Age’ for ‘Manufacturer,’ and ‘CMoN Contest 28 – Dark New Year’ under ‘Competition.’
All entries must be uploaded to CMoN. No external links are accepted.


Entries may be single figures, vehicles, monsters, units, or dioramas.
Miniatures must be from the Dark Age game range. This includes discontinued and special edition figures, as well as conversions of Dark Age minis and scratch sculpts which are thematically consistent with the range.
Entry photos must not have appeared in CMoN user galleries prior to the beginning date of this contest. You may submit new photos of previously painted models.
Each user may submit up to 3 entries.
The user gallery must be created, and the photographs uploaded, by the person who painted the entry.
Entries must be uploaded before midnight EST on January 25, 2015.

Voting and Prizes:

Winners will be determined by CMoN user voting. Each entry will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 10. Each user may vote on each entry only once; subsequent votes from the same user account will not be factored into the final score.
Voting will open Monday, January 26, and close at midnight EST on Sunday, February 1.
The three highest scored entries will be awarded first, second, and third place. (Please note, while you may submit up to 3 entries, you are only eligible for one place award. Your highest scoring entry will receive the prize, and the next ranked place will go to the next highest scoring entry from another entrant.)
First place will receive $200 in Dark Age/Groundwerks merchandise credit.
Second place will receive $100 in Dark Age/Groundwerks merchandise credit.
Third place will receive $50 in Dark Age/Groundwerks merchandise credit.
Additionally, one entry will be selected for a special ‘Bounty Hunter’s Prize’ award. This will be given by CMoN’s Mr. Black, Michael Shinall, lead developer and designer of Dark Age, to an entry that stands out in some exceptional way. The winner will receive a limited edition 32mm resin ‘Lucky’ miniature. This mini is not available through retail. All entries are eligible for this award.

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