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First Time Onboard......Dropfleet Commander

Dropfleet looks like it will have boarding actions, and possibly fighting on old ships that were lost during the original Scourge Invasion. This is the latest pictures from the Hawk Wargames Advent Calendar.

via Hawk Wargames
And now for something completely different. Presenting day 24 of our Advent Calendar... First time on board.

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  1. Looks awesome! I wonder how much Andy Chambers is pulling from Battlefleet Gothic for this. Or do you think these boarding actions are kind of like a skirmish game? That would be kinda cool too.

  2. I don't really know without looking to DzC for answers. I am thinking something akin to CQB's.

  3. They should definately do a 28mm skirmish size game too. The artwork they have lends itself perfectly to that scale and would complete the series. Are there any other alien races mentioned in the fluff? Or future factions?

  4. I hope so Natfka, any way they go with it, I'm really looking forward to what they do. I'd love to see that as well Khall, I think throwing some Scourge Razorworms vs. UCM Praetorians for a semi perfect recreation of Aliens would be totally worth it from looking at that picture. I don't think they've mentioned other races/factions to my knowledge but I'll peruse the books again tonight and look some more.

  5. The Scourge fluff allows for the introduction of quite a few new alien races/species. Either ones being taken as hosts (Razorworm, lizard-people) or possibly vengeant ones who have survived the Scourge onslaught. Really love the artwork, but hoping for something mindblowing tomorrow. Happy holidays everyone.

    1. That would be awesome! Then they could even do a zone Mortalis kind of space ship internal!! Would be ace!

  6. One of the coolest.. if not THE coolest image so far imo. So excited for Dropfleet.