It's an interesting day with Games Workshop, as this is the first week that there have been no releases, but instead some exclusive material (free with the purchase of White Dwarf). Its also worth noting that if you did miss out last week on the final chapter of the Shield of Baal Campaign, you can still pick up Exterminatus (softback). It had sold out quickly last weekend, even before the hardback version did, but it being out of stock was only temporary.

Here is an excerpt today from " What's New Today" about what to expect out of the latest White Dwarf.

Shield of Baal: Exterminatus (Softback) $66  

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Yes, you read that right, this week’s issue of White Dwarf includes more free stuff. This week it’s a card insert featuring 18 objective cards for use in Cities of Death games. We’ve even printed the full rules for playing Cities of Death in the issue, so you can fight your next battle in the cramped confines of an Imperial city. The next 18 objective cards (to make the full set of 36) will be included in issue 48, out next Saturday. You can pick up your copy of White Dwarf tomorrow from your local Games Workshop, independent stockist or right here on the Games Workshop webstore.

This week’s White Dwarf also includes a pair of mini-games, one for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and one for Warhammer. If you get a mini pack of playing cards in a Christmas cracker next week, don’t throw them away because they’d come in very handy for these games. This week also features a Codex: Apocrypha about the Lizardmen during the End Times, four exclusive formations for Blood Angels and Necrons, a battle between Nagash and the Glottkin and plenty more besides.

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