First we had heard that Necrons would be coming up for pre-orders this coming weekend, which was refuted a couple days later by multiple sources and now finally with leaked White Dwarf information. So its only natural that we start getting a few rumors jumping in on that bandwagon of information. Here is the latest on Necrons......

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Larry Vela on Bols
Short-term Stuff
Necrons - January 2015

-Clampack Necron Lord
-Clampack Cryptek

Codex is described at "thick, almost Space Marine sized".  Look for it to include lots of fluff, as well as many Lords of War & Formations (possibly some of the Apoc ones.)

Medium-term Stuff

Later in 2015, Necrons will star in a Campaign Book, alongside 3 additional kits (both reworks, and new kits)

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