On of my favorite models just got better, the J-19 Hellhog is a beast in combat, and this full preview shows off a unique customized Hellhog for Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy. This is a famous commander vehicle that we expect to be released somewhere between February and April.

If you have not ever had a hellhog in hand, its a masterfully designed model, who's engines can rotate in game to show off the model in hover and fast mover  modes (fast moving jets). This new model looks to take that design one step further.

via Hawk Wargames
And now for the full Resistance reveal... Presenting day 14 of the Advent Calendar.

Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy has some very cool special rules for his Hellhog. First off it has an armor of 7 with P+3 countermeasures. He automatically gets the Satan Chaingun upgrade for unlimited ammo and comes with his own version of AA missiles that come with the following....

L-2, Alt1 (not in hover mode), AA, 2+ accuracy, E7 2 shots with a 9" R(c). This is definitely an advantage over the other hellhogs, as he also automatically comes in round 2 and counts as being on the table for command. His drawbacks really are his command radius and low damage points, but A7 with Passive +3 should carry him through.

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