While this could very well just be some artwork, its not. Dropfleet Commander is coming and artwork for it just fits right into Hawk Wargames plans for the future.

What is Dropfleet Commander? Its a game being designed with a rock star team of Hawk Wargames (David, Simon and Louis) and Andy Chambers (you know..... Battlefleet Gothic). Set in the Dropfleet Commander Universe, the battles for the Reconquest will take place in orbit, and in fleet engagements. Playtesting has been going on for a quite some time now, and I hope to get more on this game as the new year begins.

If you dont recall here was Andy Chamber's announcement back in April
I'm going to steal Marcelo's photo again to make a post-Salute announcement - I am indeed working with Hawk Wargames on a set of tabletop spaceship rules for the Dropzone Commander universe, provisionally titled Dropfleet. 

I can't tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to make another foray into spaceships as GW's now sadly discontinued Battlefleet Gothic remains one of my all-time favourite projects. It's a real privilege to be working with Dave, Simon and Louis at Hawk, they're passionate and dedicated hobbyists (see the 9' DZC scale model of the smallest ship in Dropfleet) so I think we'll be making this one a real doozy.

I am really hoping that we get to see more Dropfleet previews over throughout the Advent Calendar from Hawk Wargames. Its been an excellent calendar so far, with new art for an upcoming release, new commander previews, and now..... Dropfleet Commander.

via Hawk Wargames This morning
And now for something completely different for day 15 of our Advent Calendar...

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