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Dropzone Commander Video Bat Rep #5 PHR vs UCM

Rich from Greenstuff Industries takes his newly painted PHR army out against Reecius' UCM in this 1500pt game on the new Urban Zone F.A.T. Mat, designed for DzC!

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  1. oh wow, another ucm vs phr bat-rep? i'm alright with this.

    1. Yeah, half of the players in our local area play PHR so that is what we often get on film. Glad you liked it!

  2. Wow, Reece, you really need new dice, I think. Bummer when your dice fail you so spectacularly, but I really like that mission, as it's so different from all the others, and aircraft actually count towards holding a table quarter, so for those of you who haven't tried it yet, you should! You need to keep enough units alive to allow you to control as many quarters as you can, but you also need to be aggressive and try to whittle down the other guy's forces. You also need to know when to give up on a quarter and, if you can, race whatever aircraft you have left into a quarter that you might have a better chance of taking, so it's a very fluid and tactical mission, very different from all the others because there are no objectives and no focal points, and armies that have to take a lot of (expensive) dropships, like PHR and Resistance, can pull out controlling a table quarter that you otherwise couldn't in most other missions, where aircraft don't contribute their kill points values to controlling. (Hope that made sense; I'm tired... :-) ).

    Anyway, great BatRep, great format, very crisp, fun to watch, and doesn't take up too much time, but doesn't leave out important details, either. So, hats off, and may you be blessed with better dice rolls next time, Reece!