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Eden's Dinosaur: New Scourge Commander Preview

This is perhaps my favorite commander to use for any of the armies that I have for Dropzone Commander. He is a beast, literally and on the field. Check out just who this guy is, and then tomorrow look forward to what looks to be a very nice looking variant to the Scourge Desolator.

via Hawk Wargames This morning

Eden's Dinosaur
He comes on a Desolator with a customized weapon load out. Instead of the normal blast everything, he has a Standoff Energy Beam. Its E10 with 6 shots and a range 24" with a MF 4

Born Survivor- He can leave the battle field if he is reduced to 2dps or less, preventing your opponent from gaining the kill points in the event of a close game. This can change who wins or loses very quickly.

Experienced Schemer- Re-roll initiative..... whoa. Other abilities such as command cards stack with this ability allowing you to re-roll multiple times.

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