Forgeworld this released new packs of Mechanicum Tech-thralls with both las locks and mitralocks. these normally sold 5 for £25.00, and now you can get an amazing 10 for £35.00. I had this article scheduled for yesterday, but it slipped. So check it out, and load up on Mechanicum Infantry.
Mechanicum Tech-thralls with Las-locks £35.00
Mechanicum Tech-thralls with Mitralocks £35.00

via Forgeworld
Relentless and indefatigable in battle, Tech-thralls will advance into the most ferocious enemy onslaught without fear, an army of the alive-yet-dead puppeted by the magos who command them. Theirs is a fate suffered by those who have failed their Mechanicum overlords in some way, their consciousness and memory overridden and their bodies converted through basic augmetics and cranial surgery, so that they are still considered human, but are no longer capable of independent thought or action.

On the battlefield, Tech-thralls are formed into Covenants, utilising numerical superiority and weight of firepower. Their dull response to injury, capacity for adaptation and relative ease of replacement seeing them used as expendable foot soldiers for the armies of the Machine God.

Mechanicum Tech-thralls with Laslocks and Tech-thralls with Mitralocks are now available in sets of 10 for £35.00 each. These are multi-part resin kits available to order for immediate dispatch.

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