Over the next few weeks through January we will be getting a full Endtimes Book 4 release with new units. There will also be a Blood Angels release as well (new army box and character), but beyond that some dedication towards Skaven in the new book called Thanquol.

Necron players.... no worries, its all coming soon.... January 31st is still the date being whispered.

Please remember that these are rumors, and as always salt is required.

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End Times: Thanquol
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10th (preorders Fri 2nd) is a blood angels army box with perhaps a new clam pack character in called the sanguine strike force for 105 GBP don't know contents though plus the new vermin lord.

17th Thanquol end times book and mini

24th new unit, armoured rat ogres called stormfiends plus clam pack warlord and grey seer and re release of old I think in metal oddly warlock engineers

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Seen white dwarf for 2 weeks time and it had the vermin lord in there, it is the same size as Nagash, leaping up off the base, and has 5 different variants, one for each of the clans, eshin, pestilence etc. looks absolutely amazing!

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