Eternal Crusade will have a big announcement tomorrow...... and yes, I just got off the phone with the team behind the game. Tomorrow they will show us a never before seen war zone that will gives us the first prototype map for the first early access release. Here are some of the details......

Tomorrow you will want to tune in to Twitch Tv at 1:30 ET to see an exclusive 20 minute battle first hand. This is a fully functional version of the first early access module that will be available to those in the Founder's Program (those that have pre-ordered the game). While the module will support more, (20x20), this will be the only chance you have to see the entire battle as it unfolds.

If you watch it later..... you will only see a 5 minute recap of the event. I personally will be there tomorrow to see the match up as I want to see how far the game has progressed. It will show off the game with audio of the marine players as they are playing the game, so that you will get a feel for what its like to actually be playing the game.

Highlights will include tank battles......... having to shut down a Void Shield to bring their tanks weapons to bear and much more. This will be a live battle, so once the combat begins... its anyone's game.

The first early access module has no official release date at this time, but I would imagine that we will know something much more concrete on that very soon (within a couple weeks).

Its interesting that when the first early access module was first being discussed, it was nothing more than a shooting gallery and the like, but has evolved into a full on pvp battle between two forces, with tanks, heavy weapons and more.

So if your like me, you've have already set aside some time tomorrow to catch the event. Normally I catch the video later during the weekend, but for this one I am looking forward to seeing it, and will watch it live.

Here is the link you need.
From the Dev TeamJoin us Friday, December 19th, 2014 at 1:30pm EST for the final #40kcrusade Twitch livestream of the year!

We'll be battling it out on a never-before seen war zone, hosting a Razer giveaway, and more! Don't miss it.

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