Salakahn is the priority-1 on the UCM's kill list for Eden Prime, as he is responsible for the deaths of many recon teams and is known to have brokered a deal with the PHR. He is today's sneak preview model for Dropzone Commander.

via Hawk Wargames

Who is Salakahn, Tyrant of Atlantia?
He is mounted in a Custom M3 Alexander that gains an extra dp and P4+ countermeasures. He has some cool special rules as well. 

Seized Power: Hannibal and Shukov tanks reduced by 5pts with M3 Alexander's being able to be taken as Heavy choices, and Hannibal tanks taken as standard choices. Definitely he supports a lot of Resistance tanks in his armies.

Rule Through Fear: All Resistance Fighters, Occupational Veterans, and Beserkers suffer a +3 penalty to fortitude (morale). If they are inside a building in line of sight to Salakahn they pass all fortitude checks autmotically.

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