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January Releases: Backing Cards, Campaign Packs, and More

Hawk Wargames has an amazing line up for 2015 coming, and before we can get into it, we have to lay down January's releases, and changes that are being whispered to be coming for Dropzone Commander. 

Coming in January
Backing Cards. The Blister packs for Dropzone Commander are about to change, or soon will. In each one, the backing cardstock will include a pop out card with the stats of the unit type you are buying. This will give players easier access to the units information that they are fielding. You can even separate these into your battle groups for easy access, or just as easy reminders. No more opening up a book or using a print out to find out what your MF value is. 

While I dont have all the details... for us that have a lot of the models already, faction decks are also being whispered, although I am not quite sure of the timeline for these, but I would imagine they are coming alongside the changes. 

The last note I have on these, is that when these start coming, Hawk Wargames will be sending new backing cards to distributors for models they already have on hand. This just demonstrates a plan that gets put in place is very comprehensive when new products are released.

Invasion of New Eden
Invasion of New Eden is the name given to a campaign pack that had been delayed previously, and is now set for a January release. I am digging up what I previously had released about this and you can read it below.

It is a campaign set on the first planets of the UCM's reconquest to take back the planets held by the Scourge. These games are for organized play, set up for 8 person campaigns for any of the 5 factions.

Support is a poster to keep track of the battles and participants, along with metal pendants for each faction for the players. Going with metal pendants that are really nice, is more substantial than going with patches or certificates of some sort.

There is a lot of new artwork coming with these campaigns, with a new piece of artwork to match up with each of the scenarios. The areas of battle include, a flooded swamp ruined city, a run down Ice Base, a High Tech city still being used by the Scourge,  partially destroyed mining facility/city, and one with lava that flows like rivers through the battlefield.

Underground Hanger
The underground hanger is a scenario pack that includes a large underground hanger door. Its large enough for heavy dropships to emerge from, and the rules for using it will become available this coming month. This was a model that was delayed as well, and is now ready for release towards the end of January. Of course like all scenery packs from Hawk Wargames, the mission will be available online.

Beyond January
If you don't think this is enough, February through April will be also jam packed with releases. We will get more into this as I can get more information, but know that it is these months that we will be seeing new standard commander units for each faction, as well as famous commander models released. There will be 6 releases per month.

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  1. Can't wait for all of this. Really looking forward to the campaign pack.
    Also very eager to see what kind of new command units they designed.

  2. Thank you for the info, Natfka. Started playing the game because of this blog and never regretted it. Loved this years calendar but was hoping for something slightly more substantial. Would love a newsletter from Hawk in the new year.

    1. I am sure there will be a news letter. This information is rock solid as well, unless there are any last minute changes.

  3. This is promising, I'm excited. Hopefully DzC will continue to grow.

  4. Excellent news indeed.
    Cheers once again for thr coverage natfka.
    Any word on when their ruined cityscapes amd other card stock buildings are going to be back in stock?

    1. soon I would imagine, and there might be some surprises coming along those product lines as well.

      I will look into it and see what I can find out.

    2. FRP games has ruined cityscape