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Eden's Dinosaur 2 Pic Preview

Check out this desolator, I love how it flows underneath giving it a very fluid and oceanic appearance. It seems to match up with the Harbringers well. Whether using this guy as the customized Desolator for Eden's Dinosaur or as a standard Command unit, this one I will be getting. Definitely by far my favorite DzC preview so far.

One picture was just not enough to show off this guy, so Hawk Wargames released two preview images. (do more of this please)

via Hawk Wargames
And now for the full Scourge reveal... Presenting day 20 of the Advent Calendar. (2 pictures, because 1 just didn't do it justice!)

Eden's Dinosaur
He comes on a Desolator with a customized weapon load out. Instead of the normal blast everything, he has a Standoff Energy Beam. Its E10 with 6 shots and a range 24" with a MF 4

Born Survivor- He can leave the battle field if he is reduced to 2dps or less, preventing your opponent from gaining the kill points in the event of a close game. This can change who wins or loses very quickly.

Experienced Schemer- Re-roll initiative..... whoa. Other abilities such as command cards stack with this ability allowing you to re-roll multiple times.

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  1. So bummed that I didn't have enough for the starter at GenCon this year. Definitely going to have a cool $200 set aside for their booth alone this upcoming year.