Images from this coming Saturday's White Dwarf are out, and there are no new releases this week. So what is there then? Well we have some free (with purchase of the White Dwarf) exclusive White Dwarf Shield of Baal formations. The formations the Flesh Tearers, Necrons, Blood Angels. and apparently no Tyranid ones. Check out the latest leaked images and what else the latest magazine has.

So very much this week and the next we are going to be getting a bunch of freebies in the White Dwarf, like Cities of Death cards and formations, but nothing else. That places our next pre-order date most likely at January 2nd

Here is a link to where you can find very much everything on the leaked images.

Hints for next week
More Free Cities of Death Cards
Two Exclusive Cities of Death Missions
White Dwarf Review of the Year

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