Another great set from the NOCF Summer Raffles. These are incredibly bright and wonderful miniatures that are a must to check out. Even if you play this army..... these are worth getting a chance to win. 

To get your raffle tickets for this army check out this link and head over. LUMINETH OF HAIXIAH: 2021 SUMMER RAFFLES: Impossible to find, and coveted all the more for it! The launch set, in and of itself, is top shelf ~ but the models are so gorgeous that they will arrive nestled in custom foam and transport from KR Cases. The battlefield glows bright as the Lumineth go to war. These elegant aelves hail from Hysh, the Realm of Light, where enlightening magic surges in the air itself. Able to channel arcane power through the marvel of aetherquartz, they are faster, more dextrous and more magically talented than any of their myriad enemies. Yet in the shadow of that excellence lies pride, and it has led them down dark paths indeed.

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