The Legion of Night and the Bloodseeker Palanquin are up today previewing the latest pre-orders coming tomorrow.

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The Legion of Night are Nagash’s terror troops. Under the command of Mannfred von Carstein, these sinister warriors do more than just annihilate their foes in single combat, they break their enemy’s spirit using underhanded tactics and the ageless strategic genius of their master to outmanoeuvre their foes as they fall for deadly traps.
Mannfred has never been one for a fair fight, and the tactics of his Legion reflect his dishonourable (and highly effective) approach to warfare.
This works in two parts. Firstly, any Deathrattle units in your territory will be given +1 to their saving throws thanks to The Bait:
Combined with gravesites and Invocation of Death, this is going to make a skeleton horde sitting on your home objectives even more difficult to displace, giving your army a superb anvil. You’ll be able to couple this with potent hammer units thanks to Ageless Cunning:
Death armies are not traditionally the fastest of forces, but with this ability in hand, you’ll find getting round your opponents easy. You could hold a unit in reserve for the entire game to swoop onto a key objective at the last minute, or rip into the flanks of your foe’s more vulnerable units with a heavy hitting unit like a Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist. This ability also works when deploying your gravesites offensively – bring on a Death hero from a table edge within 9″ of a gravesite, then summon another unit you’ve kept in reserve from that! The Legion of Night promises to be a deadly weapon in the hands of a canny general.
There’s a range of artefacts and command traits unique to the Legion of Night that help make your underhanded tactics even deadlier. Unbending Will, for example, helps ensure that your Deathrattle units stay in the fight and make it even harder for your opponents to grind through them:
Unholy Impetus, on the other hand, allows you to maximise the attacks of nearby units, and is deadly combined with hordes and more elite models alike:
The artefacts available to the Legion of Night allow you to play all manner of dirty tricks on your foes. Our favourite is the Curseblade, a wicked weapon that wears down the champions of your enemy while invigorating your own. You may even end up killing weaker heroes without even having to attack them!
Morbheg’s Claw, on the other hand, opens up new possibilities when writing your lists by providing significant bonuses to your spellcasting abilities.
If you’re building a Legion of Night army, the Nightfall Pack is a great place to start. Consisting of a combined force of Mannfred, a couple of units of Vargheists and some units of Skeleton Warriors to anchor them, the Nightfall Pack is designed to make the most of Ageless Cunning by making your skeletal forces seem unending, and your Vargheists even deadlier in close combat with Swooping Predators. Combined with their Blood-Maddened Feeding Frenzy, you’ll be able to sweep through lesser units with contemptuous ease while your Skeleton Warriors keep more dangerous foes occupied.
Of course, using this formation, you’ll still have room for another unit you can bring on from reserves – and for that, we think the new Bloodseeker Palanquin is a great choice:
The Bloodseeker Palanquin
Built from the same kit as the Coven Throne and Mortis Engine, the Bloodseeker Palanquin is an unusual and deadly new Soulblight unit in Legions of Nagash, designed to bolster your other vampiric units and slay enemy heroes.
Manage to kill an enemy hero within 9″ of the Bloodseeker Palanquin, and it’ll provide any nearby Soulblight units with additional attacks:
To help you accomplish this, the Bloodseeker Palanquin possesses a deadly unique spell in Blood Siphon:
We think the Bloodseeker Palanquin is the ideal accompaniment to some VargheistsBlood Knights or any Soulblight units you prefer, opening up new options for those players that fancy fielding an entire army of Vampires – indeed, if you’re already using a Soulblight army, you’ll be able to continue to do so with the Soulblight allegiance abilities presented in the book.

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