Really a great  dramatic piece of terrain that I am certain many people are looking into picking up, since its already up for pre-orders.

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Malign Portents has something for every kind of gamer. With rich new narrative hooks, unusual mechanics for open play, and a range of tactical challenges for matched play maniacs, this supplement promises both a dark new chapter for the Age of Sigmar and hours of fun on your tabletop. One perfect example of this is the Warscryer Citadel, a classic piece of terrain given new life in the Time of Tribulations, which has all sorts of uses for your games.
Here are our top 3:
In Malign Portents, you’ll find rules for interpreting the constellations and signs that hang in the firmament above the Mortal Realms. By using prophecy points, you’ll be able to influence the course of the game with strange powers granted by your chosen gods – from sudden bursts of inspiration to clouds of shrouding mists and sorcerous bolts from beyond. There are several ways to squeeze more prophecy points into your army, such as including HarbingersWizards or Priests, and garrisoning the Warscryer Citadel at the beginning of the game can provide you with more. Indeed, the Warscryer Citadel can also provide several unusual and thematic in-game benefits for those armies occupying it – by adding one to your board, you’ll be able to experience them in your games.
The Warscryer Citadel represents a significant step forward for the terrain in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. While, previously, players have built their tables to represent the ruins from the Age of Myth or the towering Dreadholds of Chaos, the Warscryer Citadel allows you to add more contemporary, lived-in structures to your tabletop. We think the Warscryer Citadel could quite easily be built and converted as part of a mountainous hamlet in the Mortal Realms, or even the start of a ragtag free city of your own.
The Warscryer Citadel isn’t just good-looking – it also brings a host of new challenges to your tabletop. For one, it’s a sizeable obstruction to line of sight and placing one in the centre of your board forces generals to rethink how their ranged troops should work. You and your opponent will also have to consider how your melee troops will fight around such an obstacle. Just a couple of weekends ago, on Warhammer Live, we saw at the Las Vegas Open just how much large pieces of blocking terrain can change a game.
However you use yours, we think a Warscryer Citadel has a place in any scenery collection. You can pre-order yours here, while rules can be found in the Malign Portents supplement.

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