It appears a new stand alone game is coming from Games Workshop, called Labyrinth of the Necrons. Not a lot of details, but hopefully this will jumpstart all that.

via Grimgold on Dakka;jsessionid=754E42CCEC72EE1F034D7E70DD2863DE

Don't have much yet, just two shots from someones twitter, but looks like necrons vs. Salamanders(?)

The money shot as it were the other is just showing off an overlord.

Since we got the leak, I imagine we'll see more info on it in the next few days. The cards match the models shown, 4 warriors, 2 immortals, 1 lychguard and 1 overlord. The marine on the cover is in green armor, with a flamer and a lizard scale loin cloth, so salamanders seems confirmed. The cover also includes a wraith but we don't see a card for that, so i suspect we are only seeing a little of what's contained.

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