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Coming This Weekend: Blood Sisters and Stalkers, and New Terrain.

Several new things coming this week, including the serpentine Blood Sisters/Stalkers, and two new Terrain box sets.

via the Warhammer Community

Blood Sisters and Blood Stalkers are the elite of the Khainite cults, crafted from the souls of the aelves devoured by Slaanesh using blood-rites and shadowy magic. Bearing strange mutations, these creatures use their magical powers to great effect on the battlefield, turning their foes into solid crystal or striking their hearts with unerring accuracy.
Blood Sisters and Blood Stalkers are a valuable addition to any Daughters of Khaine army, whether you’re taking a Bloodwrack Medusa to field them as Battleline or you’re supporting a larger force with their impressive output of mortal wounds. You can find out all about them in our preview.

Regardless of what army you play, building your battlefield in the Mortal Realms is about to get a lot easier with Blasted Hallowheart – a boxed set that lets you create a great battlefield in minutes. Inside the set, you’ll find a set of double-sided card tiles, letting you choose between the overgrown ruins on the outskirts of Hallowheart or a volcanic landscape from the Realm for Fire, as well as 9 push fit ruins that allow you to create cover and line of sight blockers with ease. There’s even a set of treasure chests that make for ideal objective markers, and everything inside is cast in coloured plastic, so even if you don’t get round to painting it straight away, it’ll look great right out of the box.
If you’ve already got a Realm of Battle board set up (well done) you’ll still want to pick up the Azyrite Ruins, a new set containing the ruins from the Blasted Hallowheart box – perfect for adding thematic and tactically useful terrain to your board.
These kits are very versatile and are ideal for representing anything from ancient ruins to the start of your own free city – our very own Peachy combined several kits to create this impressive edifice:
You’ll be able to pre-order these new releases next week, and in the meantime, you can pre-order Morathi and the Battletome: Daughters of Khaine right now.