There are some very cool miniatures in this line for the Dark Eldar. I do wish they made a fuller line of just not female miniatures, as a Dark Eldar army done by Raging Heroes would be amazing.

Press Release from Raging Heroes

Upgrade your Sci-Fi army with brand-new outstanding Void Elves! 
Raging Heroes just released brand-new Blood Vestals (TGG2 Edition), and a limited quantity of Exclusive Void Raiders Packs featuringunreleased Models.

The Exclusive Void Raiders Packs feature our just released Blood Vestals SF troopers (TGG2 Edition) and the Unreleased Hunters, outstanding warriors that won’t otherwise be available for sale for many more weeks. And to make it easier on your wallet, we’ve added some juicy savings of up to 17%, but remember: stocks are limited.

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