The Dread Solstice Global Campaign kicks off today with three options for players to vote on to determine the direction of the storyline.

from the Dread Solstice Website... Including Results already coming in?

via the Warhammer Community

Dread Solstice is the Malign Portents global campaign, a worldwide event where the next chapter of this dark new age in the Mortal Realms is influenced by you and decided by your efforts on the tabletop and at your painting table.

In Week 1, the Time of Tribulations dawns as the Mortal Realms shake at the rising of an ancient power. This is a time of fear and madness, but also one of conquest for those bold enough to face the coming darkness. You’ll be able to choose this week just how you interpret these portents – remember, your decisions going forward will shape the future of the Mortal Realms and the rest of the campaign, so consider your options wisely…

Submissions for this first week of the campaign end at 10 am (GMT) on Thursday February 21st – so get cracking! You can find your nearest participating store (and even check the results in your area) in the Dread Solstice section of the Malign Portents website.

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