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Problems with Necromunda Surfacing

This was posted up over on Bolter and Chainsword today about game designer issues and possible problems with the game and its near future. Insane deadlines, loss of a lead designer, and failure of editing are the subjects below.

Thought I would post up on it as part of a discussion. Im rather excited about Necromunda, but concerns that the game needed more work before being released are quite possible.

Im going to classify a lot of this as rumor, but obviously no official word will be given on this subject

via Reclusiarch Krieg on Bolter and Chainsword

This is pretty much what I suspected, the company setting unrealistic deadlines, then designer quits, his less experienced sub tries to juggle even tighter deadlines, there's no time for editing, the company refuses to consult the previous designer and forces a release of a shoddy quality product that will need to be improved upon as time goes by.

I love the GW editing team and their social media / marketing bunch are pure geniuses, but the business side of the company are the usual little :cusss I'd expect from any large corporation.

This is, reportedly by an insider, found on yaktribe.