Rogal Dorn is up for pre-orders today from Forgeworld.

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Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists Legion £75

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Now, you can add the martial might and stony defiance of Rogal Dorn to your Horus Heresy army, as his model is available to pre-order from Forge World.
Rogal Dorn comes as a 24-part kit (including two optional grenades) and is depicted standing in the aftermath of a bloody battle, probably somewhere on the palace walls. His diorama base – into which his 40mm gaming base neatly slots – is strewn with dead traitors, and he stands at rest, leaning on his mighty chainsword Storm’s Teeth. His cloak is blowing in the wind and though he’s as unmoving as the Imperial Palace itself, and he looks ready to spring into action again at a moment’s notice.
As befits a Primarch, his auric armour is covered in details, from sigils of his Legion to precious gemstones, and a host of Imperial Aquilas, marking him as the Praetorian of Terra. He is bare-headed and scowling, presumably at the damage done by the traitors to his carefully crafted defences.
You can order your very own Rogal Dorn from Forge World now. While you’re at it, remember that there are many more Imperial Fists charactersand units available. And if you want to read about Dorn in action, Black Library’s Praetorian of Dorn, by John French, is an excellent place to start.

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