Dread Solstice is the Global Campaign for Malign Portents in the Age of Sigmar. Its been going on now for a week, and we have an update on just how things are going.

Dread Solstice: Week 1 – The Moon of Dark Secrets
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The fates have been woven, and your decisions have borne gruesome fruit! Last Thursday saw the Dread Solstice kick off with a bang, and since then, thousands of results have been registered in stores across the world in this crucial opening chapter of the Global Campaign. With week 1’s results now tallied, we can confirm that, rather than heeding the Malign Portents or taking advantage of them, you voted to destroy the naysayers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this will be good news for Nagash and his legions. Turns out that getting rid of those who are spreading word of the portents isn’t going to make the momentous ripples emanating from Shyish go away…
As such, the servants of Death have become greatly empowered by your choice, and this week in the campaign, all who lack the Death keyword, or find themselves near a Knight of Shrouds, are now subject to a significant Bravery penalty. That’s not all, however – the consequences of the Dread Solstice will shape how your Harbingers play forever.
Throughout the campaign, we’ve seeded a number of hidden artefacts, each offering great power for their associated Harbinger. This week, your choices have uncovered the Balefire Blade – a deadly sword that’ll be available to Knights of Shrouds even after the campaign is over! Choose carefully, as there are still more artefacts to be found…
This week in the campaign, your actions have attracted Lunaghast to the Mortal Realms, a colossal moon formed of Dark Matter from the Aetheric Void in which the eight realms hang. Thirsty for secrets and hidden truths, the moon has been lured to your kingdoms by the slaughter of your prophets and seers. Across the lands, the peoples of the Realms are attempting to appease it by screaming their darkest secrets and most closely guarded knowledge from the highest peaks. Nothing remains unsaid, and you find yourself faced with a decision – do you avenge newly revealed grievances, slay any who know YOUR secrets, or try to learn them all?

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